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Your Company

We know you.

You are just like us. In addition to VAP, we operate a retail aquarium store and service company.

Over the last 12 years, we have faced every need and problem that you are dealing with right now. It is our goal to help you eliminate the problems, before they eliminate you.

Don't believe us? Why don't we tell you, about you...

Your Business:

  • Has difficulty selling dry-goods, because of lower prices from chain retailers and mail order companies.
  • Is enjoying less walk in traffic since the chain retailer opened up the street.
  • Is closing fewer new service accounts, on account of an increase in local service companies.
  • Could benefit from promotions that reach out to your customers.
  • Sells brands that can easily be purchased cheaper elsewhere, making you look 'greedy'.
  • Can almost buy dry-goods cheaper through mail order than through your wholesaler.
  • Needs promotion, but you cannot afford to advertise in the typical way.
  • Is loosing service accounts because of the economy.
  • Needs to generate more product sales with service accounts.
  • Needs to identify and reach out to new customers.
  • Has difficulty maintaining customer loyalty since your competitor opened.

We know you know what you need to do. We know you know how much time and expense you would have to put into doing it. We know you know if you don't do it, your company will not grow as easily as it could.

We can do it for you. VAP will provide your company with all the sales tools and business enhancing marketing resource you need to grow. We have solutions for all of your pain points, and can put them together in a way that can be afforded by most small businesses.


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