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Turn Key Promotions

Move'em Out Monday

Need to unload your tanks before the next shipment arrives? There is no better way to clear out livestock than with our turn-key 'Move'em Out Monday' promotion.

If you are like most aquarium stores, you get new shipments at least once per week. In order to keep cash flowing, and decrease the chance of fatalities, it is important to turn over your livestock inventory as quickly as possible.

Move'em Out Monday is designed to bring customers in each Monday to look for deals on what is leftover after your weekend rush. Our turn-key solution includes both retail promotional materials, as well as direct communications with your customers through email.

Let your customers know about Move'em Out Monday with a customized color sign for your store. Get them to visit your store to see the new offerings by sending them a customized email promotion.

Think you don't have time to 'pull off' this promotion? Think again! We will do all of the 'heavy lifting' for you!


Move'Em Out Monday Discount Sticker Package

Used on the fronts of your display aquariums to promote livestock specials, our peel-n-stick discount stickers are a must for every retailer.

Stickers are private label to match your logos and colors. Sold as a package including discounts of 10%, 15%, 20% - 50% off.

  • Item # VAPPRmove10



Move'em Out Monday Promotional Sign

Move'em Out Monday promotional signs can be customized with your logos and colors, as well as your products, photos or content.


  • Item # VAPmonsign




Move'em Out Monday Email

One of the best, and most affordable ways to reach your customers is with email. Our Move'em Out Mondayt promotional email can be customized with your logos and colors, as well as your products, photos or content.

As part of our turn-key service, we send the email promotion to your customers for you!

  • Item # VAPprodemail