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Live Foods

VAP private label foods are the perfect way to keep your company name in front of your customers on a daily basis. As a retailer, you understand that the brand you recommend to your customer is most likely the brand they will buy. Why not sell them your brand?

VAP Live Foods are grown and harvested in our aquaculture center. Most live foods are packaged the day you order to insure optimum nutrition and freshness.

Phytoplankton: Many coral reef animals feed directly on phytoplankton, and even those that do not, rely ultimately on the nutrition gained from phytoplankton eaten by other organisms. Some essential nutrients provided by phytoplankton cannot be synthesized by animals, and are therefore extremely important components of a healthy diet.  Benefits of feeding phytoplankton to your reef inhabitants include better color, improved health, and faster growth.

Harvested and bottled fresh daily!



Build customer loyalty and repeat business with VAP Private Label Phytoplankton. Most phytoplankton is sold as a result of recommendations by retailers. Why not recommend your own brand?

Phytoplankton serve as the base of the aquatic food web, providing an essential ecological function for all aquatic life, and are an essential component of the diet for many reef creatures (such as fan worms, sea apples, corals, clams, and tunicate). VAP phytoplankton is grown in a controlled aquaculture center and harvested when its nutritional value is at its peak.

  • 16 oz Item # VAPRMPP16

    32 oz Item # VAPRMPP32