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Our Company

You know us.

We are just like you. In addition to VAP, we operate a retail aquarium store and service company. In fact, we founded VAP specifically to address the problems and needs we have encountered over our 12 years in the aquarium retail and service business.

Just like you, we started our aquarium business out of affection for the hobby, and a dream to own our own business.

Over the years, we have learned a lot about operating an aquarium business.

  • We know what it takes to make serious profits with an aquarium business.
  • We know what it takes to compete against a chain retailer.
  • We know how to out-sell the competition.
  • We know how to increase dry-goods sales, while maintaining margins!


VAP was formed to address your pain points as the operator of an aquarium business.

The VAP team has an extensive marketing, business development, and product development background. Our experiences outside of the aquarium industry, helped us see what was missing from the arsenal of a local aquarium business.

Sales and marketing tools, turn key promotions, service tools, handouts, and signs are all components of sales campaigns used by the chain retailers. These are the tools they are using to pull your loyal customers into their store. Unfortunately, developing these tools is very costly and time consuming.

Virginia Aquarium Products has already made all of the tools and products you need to increase sales, and remain competitive. We provide this sales arsenal to you, fully customized with your logos and color schemes. In addition to these tools, we can help you find new customers, manage your turn-key promotions, and train you on how to use our advanced marketing tools to increase your profits.

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