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Store Signs With Your Logo

Price Signs

VAP Promotional Price Signs are used around your retail store to promote special product or livestock pricing. They are very effective at grabbing your customer's attention and letting them know what you want them to know.

When private labeled with your corporate colors, logos, and web address, these laminated signs make the perfect addition to your store, helping to both educate and decorate.

Price Signs

Our tank based price signs are perfect for items you stock all the time, with consistent pricing. Make your pricing easy to spot while looking professional. Laminated.

  • Item # VAPPRprice

Discount Stickers

Used on the fronts of your display aquariums to promote livestock specials, our peel-n-stick discount stickers are a must for every retailer.

Stickers are private label to match your logos and colors. Sold as a package including discounts of 10%, 15%, 20% - 50% off.

  • Item # VAPPRmove10

Newsletter Specials Sign

If you are sending out our private label newsletter, it is beneficial to boost the newsletter promotions with a counter based Specials Sign that highlights the specials in the newsletter. Its a great way to get new customers to signs up for your newsletter.

  • Item #VAPInewsspec

Product Promotion Sign

Our 6" x 4" promotional signs are sized to fit on your store shelves, in front of the product you are promoting. They easily grab attention, and help increase the sell though of the items they promote. Promotional signs are laminated.

  • Item # VAPPRppst