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When private labeled with your corporate colors, logos, and contact information, our sales handouts are the perfect tool to help educate and steer your potential customers toward choosing your services and making a more informed decision about their purchase.

Designed to be given to a potential client, these handouts tell the story when you can't be there to tell the story yourself. Lets face it, time is your most valuable commodity. You can't be in front of the customer for the entire time it takes them to reach a decision. But, our private labeled handouts can be there to guide your client in the right direction while constantly familiarizing them with your corporate identity.

Your competitors will find it more challenging to close deals against you, as you will be setting the standard that they will be compared too. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it count!


Installation Options

Our Installation Options Handout lays the foundation for a new system sale. It highlights the different types of aquariums available, and shows examples of different types of freestanding and custom built-in systems.

  • Item # VAPSPoptions

Aquarium Sizes

The Aquarium Sizes Handout breaks down the different tank sizes available. Typically this handout is used to guide clients toward the aquarium options that fit their space.

  • Item # VAPSPsizes


Cabinets & Canopies

If your clients want a free-standing aquarium system,they will need to choose a stand and canopy. This handout brings your showroom to them!

  • Item # VAPSPstand


Saltwater Aquariums

Do your clients want a fish-only marine aquarium or a reef aquarium system? Our saltwater aquarium handout focuses on the differences in the two options including the different inhabitants.

  • Item # VAPSPinhabs


Freshwater Aquariums

Are your clients looking for a freshwater system? Perhaps a marine system is out of the budget. Our freshwater aquarium sheet highlights the animals and equipment typically included with a freshwater system.

  • Item # VAPSPfresh



Saltwater equipment is tricky to explain. Potential clients can easily get lost amongst the lingo and equipment names. Our private label saltwater equipment handout keeps it simple, providing a checklist of equipment with a simple description of function.

  • Item # VAPSPequip


Service & Maintenance

When you offer to provide service on a client's system, they will want to know what that includes. Our list of service items includes all the tasks typically performed on a service call. Need it to say something specific? No problem!

  • Item # VAPSPserv


Buy or Lease?

If you lease aquarium systems, your client will need to understand how they can benefit. Our Buy or Lease Handout covers the typical differences between leasing and buying. As always, the content can be changed to match your solutions.

  • Item # VAPSPbuy



Our Filtration Handout shows the different filtration options that exist for aquarium systems and displays them using the 'Good, Better, Best' formula.

  • Item # VAPSPfil


Lighting Options

Our Lighting Handout shows the different lighting options that exist for aquarium systems and displays them using the 'Good, Better, Best' formula.

  • Item # VAPSPlight


Checklist - Saltwater

Our Saltwater Equipment Checklist Handout is exactly that! A checklist of the equipment needed to start a marine aquarium system.

  • Item # VAPSPcheck



Our Saltwater Chemistry Handout provides a basic overview of marine water chemistry, and helps answer the most common chemistry questions.

  • Item # VAPSPchem


Compatibility Chart

Our Marine Compatibility Handout shows compatibility of marine animals in an easy to follow chart.

  • Item # VAPSPcomp


Foods & Supplements

Our Foods and Supplements Handout provides a basic guide for available foods and supplements, and is designed to highlight specific products on your shelves.

  • Item # VAPSPfood


Water Testing

Our Water Testing Handout provides a basic guide for marine water testing.

  • Item # VAPSPtesting