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Products With Your Logo


VAP private label accessories are an excellent way to provide your customers with quality products, at a mail order price point. In addition to being excellent products to sell, our accessories are also very useful as tools for service companies and retailers.

Retailers all fight the same problem. They spend their marketing dollars building the brand recognition of the products they stock, only to have their customers order those products from a mail order company. By selling your own brand of foods and other consumables, you can battle the mail order companies, by being the only supplier of your customer's preferred brand. YOUR Brand!


Pump Protecting Filter Bag

Submersible pump intake screens are typically quite small and can be blocked with just a little debris.  It dawned on us that we could put the pump into a filter bag.   Place your submersible pump, its power cord and outlet hose right in the bag, tie the top closed and you have a large surface area, long-life inlet strainer with a mesh opening smaller than the pump's inlet strainer but not so fine that the bag requires frequent cleaning.   Bag is 15" x 24" and can fit pumps up to 10" in diameter

  • Item # VAPACCfilt

Bucket Filter Top

These handy items can be used for many purposes.  Use them on buckets filled with bio-balls for a simple bio-filter.  Or vacuum your gravel and run it through this strainer to filter out the waste and re-use the water.  We're sure you will come up with many uses of your own.  Fits standard 5 gallon buckets. Simple to use and very effective.  Made of high molecular weight high density polyethylene.  25 mil thick.  Available with a center mesh in ultra fine (100 micron), fine (200 micron), medium (400 micron), or coarse (600 micron). 

  • Coarse: Item # VAPACCbucket600

    Medium: Item # VAPACCbucket400

    Fine: Item # VAPACCbucket200

    Ultra Fine: Item # VAPACCbucket10


GFCI Power Cord

This portable GFCI cord is rainproof and well-suited for use in humid conditions. Its rated for both indoor and outdoor use. 1 2/3 AWG with indicator lights.  15A/115V.  6 Ft long.

  • Item # VAPACCgfci


Fish Trap

These traps have a long life, even in alkaline, brackish and salt water because they are all plastic with no sharp edges.

The two halves hinge together. Measures 17" long x 9" wide at largest diameter with 3/16" (4.8 mm) square mesh for minnow-size fish, 1" (22 mm) diameter entrance hole.  Perfect for catching that Damsel!  .

  • Item # VAPACCtrap


Dial-A-Dose Feeding Syringe

Adjustable stop allows you to set specific amounts to feed or dose.  These feeding syringes are perfect for spot feeding corals, anemones, and other aquatic life. They also work great for measuring and dispensing liquid supplements.

  • Item # VAPACCdial


Feeding Syringe

These feeding syringes are perfect for spot feeding corals, anemones, and other aquatic life.  Simple to use and very effective.

  • Item # VAPACCsyr